Summary of the most importnat questions relating to:
the hygiene, the qualification of the surgeons, the info material, the price difference, possible surgery combinations, the warranty, the surgery dates and the travel documentation for Czech republic.

Schould you have any further questions, please write us an email or call us. We are at your disposal. Your trust is our primary concern.

How is it possible that the plastic surgery organized by Bohemian Beauty is much cheaper than plastic surgery in Switzerland or Germany?

The surgeons of Bohemian Beauty have relatively low labor costs and costs of premises in comparison to their Swiss or German colleagues. This is still the case also after the joining of the European Union. However the cost of the material (such as breast implants) is the same. Thus, the price difference of the surgery is justified by the low labor and premises costs.

Do the surgeons have a liability insurance?


What are the hygiene regulations?

In the clinics and the surgery premises the same rule apply as in Switzerland. Perfect Clinic is relatively newly built and corresponds to the highest western standards with respect to the technical and hygiene aspects.

Are all surgeons cooperating with Bohemian Beauty specialized in plastic surgery?

Yes, all surgeons have a great experience and track record in the field of plastic surgery. In the Czech republic, a surgeon is obliged to complete an attestation after 5 years of experience in the fields of trauma and reconstructive surgery. The title “plastic surgeon” is awarded only in case of a successful examination / attestation and is legally protected. Whereas in Switzerland, it is possible also for doctors with an unrelated background to perform aesthetic treatments.

In what language can I communicate with the clinic staff and the surgeons?

The surgeons as well as some nurses speak English or German. During the pre-surgery consultation, a translator can be called in, if requested.

Are my surgery expectations realistic?

In general, only a consultation by the surgeon can clarify if the patient’s expectations are realistic. In order to assess the situation as soon as possible, informative photos should be provided which Bohemian Beauty will discuss with the surgeons and propose a tailor made solution. Such clarification is especially requited in case of lifting surgeries, facial treatments and any borderline cases.

Does the clinic have an intensive care department?


How long do I have to wait for a surgery date?

A surgery is usually possible 3-4 weaks after the initial request.

Are surgery combinations possible?
  • Beast lift and tummy tuck: No
  • Large liposuction and tummy tuck: No
  • Breast augmentation and small liposuction (1-2 body areas): Yes
  • Liposuction and eye lid correction: Yes
  • Tummy tuck and face lifting: No
  • Eye lid correction and face lifting: Yes
  • Eye lid correction and breast augmentation: Yes
Can I re-schedule the surgery date?

One time re-scheduling is possible, an administration fee of CHF 100 will be charged.

How should I prepare for a surgery?

In order to prevent wound healing disorders, smokers should significantly reduce their nicotine consumption 2-3 weeks before the surgery. Aspirin and other blood-thinning drugs should be avoided 2 weeks before the surgery because they may cause blood clotting disorders.

Are the surgery costs covered by my health insurance?

Only in exceptional cases, but there is no harm in checking with your health insurance. Health insurances are not obliged to cover the costs of a breast reduction – the costs of such correction are only covered in case of a “abnormal condition or a condition requiring a treatment”. Such condition exists in case of a deformed body shape or if the body functions are affected (e.g. spine damages). It is recommended to ask the health insurance if the surgery is covered – because of the lower surgery costs in the Czech republic, the insurances save money as well and might rather be inclined to cover the costs.

What if I am younger than 18?

The surgery may only be performed if approved by the parent / legal guardian as well as the general practioner and the gynaecologist.

Is it allowed to fly after a surgery?

Short flights are possible immediately, long flights should be avoided for 2 weeks.

How much time has to pass between two surgeries in general anaesthesia?

At least 12 weeks.

Can I be certified sick after a surgery?

You may request a certification from your general practitioner. Foreign doctors are allowed to give you a sick note only in case of an emergency. You should in any case organise an insurance for abroad.

What kind of identification documents are required for the entry into the Czech Republic?

For Swiss nationals as well as for German and Austrian nationals an identification card or passport, which are valid for at least 3 months after the departure from the Czech Republic, is required. All patients and their accompanying persons are solely reponsible for having the necessary documentation with them.

Is my car safe during my stay at the clinic?

All our partner hotels and clinics offer guarded or private parking spaces at request.

Taxis in the Czech Republic

Especially in Prague it is recommended to arrange the costs with the taxi driver before the drive. You should not accept any excessive prices. We are happy to organise the pick up from the airport and/or the trip from hotel to the clinic with our partner drivers.

What is the decision process for a corrective surgery?

If a patient is not happy with the result of a surgery, informative photos can be provided to the clinic, not sooner than 4 months after the surgery. The photos will be analysed by a surgeon. If a correction is objectively justified and necessary, a date of a corrective surgery will be defined with the patient. A secondary consultation by a surgeon in Prague before the corrective treatment might be required as well.

What is the correction rate and satisfaction rate?

Neither in Switzerland nor in the Czech Republic there is a doctor who has only satisfied patients. This may be caused by the surgery result or by exaggerated expectations. The average correction rate or surgeries performed by Bohemian Beauty partner surgeons is 1% which is a very good result.

Is there a warranty for the surgery result?

Our partner doctors can perform a corrective surgery up to 12 months after the initial surgery in case the initial result is objectively unsatisfactory. The result of the initial surgery can be observed first after 4 months. The doctors have of course a liability insurance.

Can the cost of the surgery be deducted from taxes in Switzerland?

No. Only the cost for the treatment of an illness/injury may be deducted from taxes.

When can I go to a solarium or have a sunbath after the surgery?

The body parts where a surgery was performed should be covered from UV light / sun for at least 3 months after the surgery.

Does nicotine consumption affect the healing process?

The body tissue requires the best possible blood circulation and the oxygen from blood in order to heal properly. Smoking constricts the vessels and delays the healing process.