Dear Mrs Kohout, First I'd like to thank you very much for your professional and efficient organization of the trip and stay at Perfect clinic. Second, the entire stay was very well managed by the team of Perfect clinic, from the welcome to the departure, not to forget the very friendly staff who paid attention to all details and requests. Finally, and of course very important the Lippo done by Dr Kufa and his team; just being 2 weeks after the surgery, I am extremely satisfied with the result, never really had pain but the uncomfortable zones become much better looking, skin color is back and not feeling any pain. Although it will take a few more weeks to achieve the final result I'd never believed before how I'll be happy with the outcome. Thank you to Dr Kufa, his team and not to forget to the very kind Anaesthetist who did a great job too. Can simply recommend you, Dr Kufa and his team at Perfect Clinic!. Thank you