A hormonal imbalance can cause the growth of the mammary gland of a man which can assume the dimensions of a female breast. An enlarged mammary gland in a man is called gynaecomastia. In this case an endocrinological examination is necessary. If the patient’s diagnosis of gynaecomastia is confirmed, the Perfect Clinic doctors can surgically correct the condition based on the recommendation of an endocrinologist.

In case of a small gynaecomastia, usually only the fat tissue is removed from the breast by liposuction. This procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia. If the mammary gland is enlarged, it must be removed through an incision at the edge of the areola. After the operation, only a small scar remains on the outer edge of the areola. The operation is performed under general anaesthesia and the hospital stay lasts 1-2 nights. If the male breast is clearly enlarged and saggy, the excess mammary gland tissue in combination with excess skin must be removed. In this case, the scars run around the areola, vertically to the breast fold and in the inframammary fold. This procedure is also performed under general anaesthesia and the hospital stay lasts 1-2 nights.

If only a liposuction of the breast is performed, the post-operative treatment is the same as for standard liposuction. If gynaecomastia has been surgically removed, on the second day the doctor removes the Redon drain, which drains the wound secretion. To avoid swelling of the breast, a compression vest is applied. After 14 days, the patient may remove the plasters from the wound and take a shower. The compression vest must still be worn for 4 weeks after the operation.


  • Anaesthesia: local or general anaesthesia, depending on the extent of the treatment
  • Hospitalization: outpatient in case of local anaesthesia / 1-2 nights in case of general anaesthesia
  • After the surgery: after 14 days the plasters may be removed. A compression vest must be worn for 4 weeks.
  • Scars: no scars in case of liposuction / in case of a large surgery, the patient can start with the scar massage after 18 days
  • Fit for work: physically non-demanding work possible after 3 days in case of liposuction / after 1 week in case of larger surgery
  • Sport: earliest after 4 weeks
  • Sun / solarium: avoid for at least 4 weeks; afterward cover up the scars and use a sunscreen with a high UV protection factor for at least 1 year